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Fiberglass chopped strand mat products characteristics

zccyfiberglass chopped strand mat

Fiberglass chopped strand mat products characteristics

Fiberglass chopped strand mat non-directional distribution, evenly distributed, with excellent mechanical properties. Chopped strands non-directional uniform make up roving lack that only latitude and longitude to the distribution, but also significantly improves the interlaminar shear strength of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, good cover mold performance, suitable the mold cavity that with complex shape. And good resin-impregnated, it can be arbitrarily cut, easy to construction. Good absorbing resin capability, products smooth appearance.

Chopped strand mat main areas of application and associated data analysis.

Car roof Market: mainly low weight emulsion, powders binder, gram weight range from 80-250 G / M2, mainly on behalf of clients Antun Salim Group, Italy TARGLASS sales of Fiat, the Korean market, the Japanese market (Honda, Toyota and other ). Our domestic mainly clients is Jiangsu XIENUO. More detail please see Annex that is chopped strand mat customer accounting.

Box-type vehicles (including refrigerated trucks) market: mainly manufactured for box-type vehicles plates: customers include VETRORESINA, VETROGEL, CHO, Jinan ZHONGJI etc. See Annex chopped strand mat customer accounting. More detail please see Annex that is chopped strand mat customer accounting.

Common hand lay-up application market: hand lay-up process is the most widely used market of use the chopped strand mat in china and abroad. The main demand from 225-600 G / M2 powder, emulsion, the Europe need more emulsion, and other markets as a powder-based.

Transparent tile market: primarily 225-600 G / M2 E glass csm powder, it need fully transparent. There is a large market in domestic, mainly in Jiangsu, Beijing vicinity. Abroad mainly in the Middle East, Indonesia and Thailand that has great amount.

Chopped strand mat is made of continuous glass fiber strand that was cut short 50 mm length, then non-directional evenly distributed, and supported by powder polyester binder (or emulsion binder). that made to E-glass or C-glass fiber woven products. Chopped strand mat already used in foreign countries, and more generally, they are widely involved.


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