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The common fiberglass chopped strand mat products

zccyfiberglass chopped strand mat

The common fiberglass chopped strand mat products

Here are some common products which uses of fiberglass chopped strand mat and glass fiber composite

Aircraft: with high strength to weight ratio, glass fiber is ideal composite for airplane fuselage, propeller and high-performance jet nose cone.

The structure of Car and its bumpers, from cars to heavy commercial construction equipment, truck bed, even armored vehicles. All of these parts which are constantly exposed to extreme weather and often subject to wear and tear.

Boat: 95% of the boat is made of fiberglass, because of its ability to withstand cold and heat. Its corrosion resistance, there aren’t any pollution to salt water and atmospheric.

Steel: steel bridge decking substituted by glass fiber, it has the strength of steel, while resisting corrosion. For a wide span suspension bridge, if made of steel, they will collapse because of their weight. This has proved that the fiberglass guardrail stronger than their steel counterparts. From water and electricity transmission tower to the street light pole and street manhole covers and so on, it’s widely used because its strength, light weight and durability.

Household fixtures: shower, laundry tub, hot tub, ladders, and fiber optic cables.

Other: Golf clubs and carts, snowmobiles, hockey sticks, play equipment, skis and ski poles, fishing rods, travel trailers, helmets, etc.


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