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Effect of fiberglass chopped strand mat production line rolling segment for the product quality

zccyfiberglass chopped strand mat

Effect of fiberglass chopped strand mat production line rolling segment for the product quality

Rolling is the last step in the production of fiberglass chopped strand mat. It also has an important influence. Relatively early production line is used passive rolling, that is rolling friction.

This structure is simple, low cost of equipment, but there are rolling force vary widely, the line speed is proportional increased to the winding diameter, often causing winding skid, ends do not flush, rolls tight or relaxation inequality and so on. Which affect product quality.

Now most of roll device of chopped strand mat production lines have adopted the torque motor or inverter motor.

The key of roll device design is good grasp of the ratio of maximum tension and work gear. If simply choose the appropriate, it will have a good solution for these case, such as roll relaxation and the product ends are not flush. In addition, the tension can be adjustment for a certain degree. It’s applicable to the same production line with different sizes and types.


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