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Why FIFA Is For Rage Quitters & PES Is For Connoisseurs

Kevin Durant is to return while Conley is out NBA 2K16

Why FIFA Is For Rage Quitters & PES Is For Connoisseurs

I understand why you think FIFA is better than PES. It’s the same reason you find flashing lights and loud noises more entertaining than books, describe Marvel films as ‘classics’ and think that the Assassin’s Creed games are ‘swag’. Don’t get me wrong, PES 2016 looks great when it comes to player models and animations and fifa 16 coins. The fact that your mates all bought it that persuaded you to plump for FIFA, but the fact that it’s a better game. Because PES is the game for football purists.

Here’s what makes PES so great: variety. You can have barn-burning, counter-attacking games in PES, but the point is that they emerge naturally and feel special because of that. Then there are those tough-fought affairs where neither team seems able to fashion a chance and a scrappy deflected goal is the decider. Or, those matches where you use a possession game to draw a well-drilled defence out of position to punish them with a good pass. Every game feels different and every goal unique.

With FIFA, the most important thing is to master the game in the way FIFA wants you to, any other approach leading you to feel like you’re fighting against it. PES, on the other hand, rewards creativity, giving you an agency that makes it more satisfying and thrilling than FIFA has ever been. FIFA offers you a its own version of football based on getting the ball up front as quickly as possible and pulling off feats with superstar players. PES is a more team-focused title that makes the sport feel engaging, making every moment important and unique to you. Granted, it doesn’t match up to FIFA when it comes to modes, official kits and so on, but none of that matters when the on-the-pitch action is so superior.

PES is the football game for those that value team play over the obsession with individual superstars. FIFA is the game for people who thought that Pirlo was rubbish because he never did rabonas and didn’t run about very much. PES is the game for football fans that don’t judge a player after one bad game. FIFA is for fans that send players angry tweets littered with spelling mistakes and bad grammar and cost more fut 16 coins. PES is for players who sit back and think about why they lost a game. FIFA is for fans who throw their controller at the TV in a fit of rage.

If you can’t see that, then you’re beyond help. Just look at Mario Balotelli: he likes FIFA and he can’t put on a vest by himself.


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