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Troubleshooting Connection Problems Guide of FIFA 16

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Troubleshooting Connection Problems Guide of FIFA 16

The EA servers never were so overloaded, so it’s normal. Many people are thinking to give up because they can’t play FIFA 16 at all. If it is your case, don’t do it. Most of the times, there are ways to improve your game connection. We will explain how.

Connection Problems for FIFA 16
There are many thousands of gamers who have problems connecting to FIFA 16 servers.

Among the most common anomalies are:
Connection drops too often (including in the end of each match);
High lag;
Trouble finding opponents to play against;
Trouble connecting to FUT 16 even when the EA servers are on.
It is true that the EA servers are far from being great. But, unlike the idea that the community usually has the greatest fault is not from EA. It’s the players. Don’t forget that the connection used on most of the FIFA 16 game modes is P2P (peer to peer).

A poor Internet service provider or a wrong configuration of connection settings are the main reasons for these problems. Many of these situations can be fixed without great difficulty. That’s what we intend to try to help in this article. We are not experts in this area but we also had connections problems and have investigated a lot to find solutions. Today we play without any problem.

We don’t guarantee you that you will be able to play after to follow our tips but at least you can try. In most of the cases, players who follow these tips improve their game experience.
There are several ways to try to improve your FIFA 16 connection.

We will list the 20 most important by the order of greater ease of implementation:
Check the Server Status
Try to log on with another account
Restart your network equipment
Simplify your setup
Improve your wireless signal
Connect by cable
Change the matchmaking options
Maximise your bandwidth
Test your connection speed
Turn on/off UPnP on your network hardware
Try a direct modem connection
Add FIFA 16 as an exception to your firewall
Close programs running in background
Clear the cache / Delete data
Avoid using IPv6
Assign a Static IP Address
Open the network ports
Optimize your MTU
Get Open NAT Type
Change to another ISP
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