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Different curtain used for different occasion for interior decoration

Beautiful and modern curtains

Different curtain used for different occasion for interior decoration

Curtain occasions are different, curtain selections are not the same. So how to choose right curtain for different occasions? Now let us leanr here together. First: Living room curtain selection Living room where we meeting friend or relatives, as the main room of the house, decoration is very important, better use those high quality and exquisite fabric curtains with which living room is elegant in look. Also highlight house owner fashion taste and life attitude. Second: bedroom curtain selection

1, If curtain is used for bedroom, better base on what shape of window frame is to choose a curtain.

2, If there is French window, fabric curtain or sheer curtain are better use for for them make room more sweet and warmth. Blackout lining is necessary if curtain it not good at light shading.

3, If there is bay window, simple casual curtains are best. With which to decorate modern room style for home decoration. Curtain has variety styles and great selection on color so that ensure they have all purposes for customer. There are blackout curtain, thermal curtain, soundproof curtain and dust resistance curtain, Bedroom curtain better used those curtain that can be used for both at night and day-time.

Dreamy White And Red Solid

4, Curtain used for kid room, lively cartoon pattern curtains are best for which has in beautiful color to make kids room full of cheer and fun.

5, if curtains used for the gym or study room, bamboo curtain or blind curtain made of wood are best ideal come to first place. According to room style to choose right curtain for interior decoration. Great collocation can be seem in the end if everything go well with each other. Simple concise curtain hanging on in the front of the window people easy to relax both physical and mind that can easy concentrate on what they do and learn more effective.

In a word, curtain occasions selection is base on different room usage.


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