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The classifications of curtains

The classifications of curtains

The classifications of curtains

Curtains for home: different curtains for different functions of rooms. For bedroom, it is suitable to use cotton fibers with black out fiber and window screen. The curtains of bedroom should be simple and clean. If there is a small window, you can select finished curtains. For living room, drapes with streamers is suitable for big living room, roller blinds, cloth shutters and black out curtains are suitable for small living room. For kids room, colorful or patterned or floral curtains or shutters is probable. For balcony, the best choice for closed balcony is roller blind because it shield light, ventilated, filter out UV and save space.  If the balcony is connected with bedroom, adding a cloth curtain is suitable for sleeping at night. For dining room, window screen, floral pattern and black out curtains are good choice if it is not exposed under the sunlight because it is not a privacy space. For study, natural wooden shutters, noise-reducing or simple and clean curtains can bring a atmosphere of studying. For bathroom and kitchen, waterproof, oil-proof and easy-cleaning curtains can be regarded as good choices . Most people choose aluminum shutters or floral pattern curtains. And those curtains take up the budget of 10-15.


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The classifications of curtains

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