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Led Wall Light – One tool for several uses

Wilhelmina Lights

Led Wall Light – One tool for several uses

LED wall lights are everywhere. Almost everyone is preaching the virtues of these lights made from semiconducting chips doped with p or n type impurities. So what exactly is the reason for numerous people extoling this invention like it is their own? We explore a few of them

A LED wall light produces more light per watt in comparison to regular incandescent bulbs. In a world obsessed with efficiency and value for money, LED wall lighting is the best option available right now.

LED lights are quiet during operation. This is a clear advantage over fluorescent tube-lights that emit noise after prolonged usage.

LED lighting are available in various colors to serve various needs. Led lights can even emit colored lights without the need to use filters as traditional lights do.

A LED light has a considerably long life. LED lights are estimated to serve for periods up to 10 years. If used less, they can be expected to last more. The most important point is that LED lights retain their brightness for their entire working span, thus making them an economical and reliable option.

These lights have no toxic materials and can be completely recycled as well. Also, they save a lot of materials and thus, reduce carbon footprint.

The materials used to manufacture LED lights are durable by themselves. They use hollow glass and are hence resistant to shock, vibrations and even external impact. As a result, they are well suited for outdoor usage.

Led Lights

Led Lights

An added advantage with an LED lights is the low heat they generate. Conventional incandescent light emit light as a result of filament heating. This produces light and also heat. Since the working of an LED light is fundamentally different, it radiates less heat. Hence, the chances of accidental burns and fires are markedly few.


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