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Confetti glass on Tiffany lamps for sale


Confetti glass on Tiffany lamps for sale

Forgery of Tiffany lamp
Tiffany lamps for sale are handmade and they are time consuming because quality is the most important aspect in Tiffany lamps. The decorative Tiffany lamps are rare and are high collective items. The shades are handcrafted and are made up of small pieces of colored glass which are soldered together. There are many forgeries in the market which makes it difficult to identify the authentic Tiffany lamps for sale. The Tiffany lamps have some characteristics which help in identifying the original Tiffany lamps.

tiffany lamps for sale
Identifying the original Tiffany
The most important is the glass shade. You should assess the type of lamp shade and it should be cone or globe shaped. You can find a genuine Tiffany lamp which has organic shape as compared to other false reproductions. The Tiffany lamps for sale have the botanical design which has peacock, geometric, spider’s patterns. You can also check the Tiffany lamps by holding the lamp shade and lightly knock on glass. If the glass does not rattle then the lamps is forgery. The Tiffany lamps for sale are intense and have vibrant colors with variety of textures.

wall lights
The Tiffany lamps have the color known as confetti glass which is commonly seen in the original Tiffany lamps. If the shade contains the gold glass then it should have the translucent on it. If the gold glass has the greenish tint or pale color then it is not original. If the color has silvery sheen on it then it is not authentic. Another way of testing the originality of Tiffany lamps is by dabbing a cloth in nail polish remover and rubbing it on glass. Some of the manufacturers paint the glass instead of using the original method of Tiffany coloring on glass. If the paint is applied on Tiffany lamps wall lights then it will be known when you rub it.


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