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Following principles of choosing lighting fixture


Following principles of choosing lighting fixture

decorative wall sconces

When we face various lights or decorative wall sconces, how do we choose the fixture, there is someone who is professional tell us the five principles, at first, height of ceiling is proper. The height of room would be below the three meters. We had better not choose the long pendant lights which are proper with the same chandeliers, otherwise that is trouble. Second area of the room would be popular with the lights.

decorative wall sconces

Size of lighting fixture would not be 2 percent-3 perfect of bigger than the area of house, if lighting is not enough, we could add more lights, otherwise that would influence the decorating effect. Third be harmony with whole decorating, avoid mussy feeling. Fourth be harmony with the environment quality. In bathroom and kitchen which are special environment, that had better be equipped with waterproof and anti moisture.

At last, suffering maintenance would be harmony with the pressure. Especially for the pendant lights with top, it had be equipped with much load, that could install proper fixture.


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